Helping little crows take flight

16 Mar

The birds are finally waking up before me, greeting the dawn with their sweet chirping. Now that I hear them outside my window, I realize that all winter, I rose before they did. Even then, their song was weak. But now — now they are chirping, singing, shaking me out of my slumber as night turns to day.

Birdies are all around me.

I’ve been teaching them yoga, sharing my love for this wondrous discipline that awakens my mind, body and soul.

I think of my students as little birds — little crows actually. Baby crows. They are all new to yoga, baby birds opening their wings and realizing what they are capable of doing. They walk timidly to the edge of the nest and look beyond its safe haven, afraid of what lurks a step away. One move, one subtle shift of wings, one  breath, one small shift of posture can shake their firm footing on that nest.

I’m loving watching my baby crows take flight. I’m the mama bird urging her chickadees to take the big step. One of them did! Last week, she lowered herself onto her mat, adjusting her arms and legs into bakasana — the beguiling crow pose that demands as much arm strength as it does unfailing balance. She had never attempted it. She had only seen it in magazines. She was certain she couldn’t do it. But she listened to me, shifting her weight slightly forward, lifting her feet off the floor, coming into her breath. She became a crow. She took flight. You should’ve seen her face.

I’m working with one birdie that just won’t surrender into a full crescent lunge. She’s holding back. But I know it’s in her. I know she has it. I hope I’m a good teacher and help her take full flight. Then she’ll fly no matter what the season.


One Response to “Helping little crows take flight”

  1. Ileana March 16, 2011 at 9:32 pm #

    Love it. Would love to be one of those birdies learning to take flight. Great inspiration.

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