Inhale. Pause. News…exhale.

21 Mar

I make my living as a reporter; I nurture my life as a yogini. Sometimes, though, the two seem strange bedfellows — always the incessant chatter of the world challenging my attempts to seek  inner peace. Here’s how I cope:

Nuclear meltdowns. Child’s pose.

Strikes on Libya. Downward facing dog.

Breath in. Exhale. Ujjayi.

Budget cuts. Tadasana.

Trophy killings. Warrior I.

Breathe in. Exhale. Ujjayi.

Gadhafi this. Gadhafi that? Eagle pose.

Stocks rally. Stocks fall. Utthita hasta padangusthasana.

Radiation spinach. Trikonasana.

Breath in. Exhale. Ujjayi.

Radiation milk. Reverse half moon.

Charlie Sheen why do I care crap? Wheel pose.

Go to your mat. Find stillness there. Silence the chatter.


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