Jimmy Buffet was right: Margaritas not required

30 Mar

You know that song by Jimmy Buffett — “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes?”

The same goes for yoga. Doesn’t everything? I mean, really, doesn’t everything come down to yoga?

Teaching vinyasa classes this week, I encouraged students to consider shifting — anything, from alignments, to foot placement to attitudes. After all, that’s one of the gifts of yoga: We change, shift, flip, turn — and suddenly we find new spaces and new perspectives. We look at the world from a new angle; and problems from a different point of view.

As Buffett sings: Nothing remains quite the same.

You are in Downward Facing Dog one minute and the next minute, you flip your dog, and voila — your entire perspective changes. Suddenly the floor becomes the ceiling above your head and the ceiling — the place that normally shines down on the top of your head — becomes the place you can reach for with your foot.

And you don’t even need a margarita!

You can change your latitude and change your attitude right on your mat. I’m not talking the destructive tectonic shifts  that literally change the world and turn people’s lives upside down.

I’m talking subtle changes. Ones you can barely detect. Like when you tuck your tailbone in a Warrior pose or engage your uddiyana bandha. No one sees it happening. But does it ever shift your alignment. Try it sometime with your attitudes – with  your opinions about people or places…music..food – political points of views, even? Can you do as you might on your mat and challenge yourself?

Shift your perspective just ever so slightly – a breath’s expanse – and you might find  a little bit of you — a little universality — in what you once considered foreign, sub-par, contrary to your beliefs.


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